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Bad Credit Loans for Tenants

Lenders are now offering loans specially designed for tenants i.e. people who are not the homeowner without taking any of tenants’ assets as security against loan offered. These loans are called unsecured loans for tenants.

Unsecured Loans
There are mainly two types of loans offered to any borrower-secured loans and unsecured loan. Secured loans are those loans that are offered to borrowers after taking any costly asset of borrower as security against loan offered. Since there is no collateral associated with unsecured loans, unsecured loans are considered little risky for lenders, therefore lenders charge a little higher rate of interest to compensate the higher risk, which may be associated.

Unsecured loans for tenants
If you are a tenant of local councils, housing associations or other similar government landlords, there are lenders who offer unsecured loans to tenants.
Unsecured loans for tenants have been especially designed for tenants only. To add further, irrespective of whether you have bad credit, defaults, arrears or CCJ, there are still lenders who offer unsecured loans to tenants.

Unsecured loans for tenants: The Process
When you apply for an unsecured loans for tenants, lenders decide on the loan application on the basis of multiple factors such as your monthly income, your expenses, your monthly rent, any monthly payment towards any existing loan if any etc. These factors are considered to decide on the amount of loan and rate of interest (APR) to be charged.

So, they also analyses other factors such as for how long you’ve lived at your current address, how long you have been in your current job, how well you’ve managed your finances, whether you had any loan related problems in the past such as bankruptcy, CCJs etc. Based on these factors, lenders decide the risk associated in lending to the tenant. The less risk the feel, the lower the rate of interest (APR) will be for you. In they feel they have more risk in a particular loan application than others, they will charge a higher rate of interest. This gives you an idea that you can always negotiate and bring down the rate of interest to be charged on the loan offered.

Unsecured Loans for Tenants: Key Features

 You should have a permanent source of income either through job or through self-employment.

 Tenant Loans are available to all types of tenant.

 Should have a savings bank account.

 Reference of landlord is most preferred.

 Applicant should be at least 18 years old.

 Average amount, which can be borrowed: between £250 and £15,000.

 Rate of interest to be charged vary and depends on loan amount, and risk associated.

Unsecured Loans for Tenants: Use
An unsecured loan for tenant can be used for any and every purpose, depending upon the wish of borrower. Some of the common use of unsecured loans for tenants are:

 To pay existing loan

 To consolidate loans

 To go on vacation

 To pay educational related tuition or related fees.

 To buy new/used car etc.

Therefore, if you are seeking tenant loans because you are not a homeowner, there are lending agencies specialized in providing unsecured loans to tenants.