What To Do When Your Home Business Is Not Making The Money You Want

You’ve been working your new business for over a year-or maybe three years and you’re making money but not enough. Would that describe you? I’ve several somewhat off-beat solutions for you to try.

  1. Most of those of us who have been recruited into a new business are persuaded by someone’s live phone call, on-line ad or website. Once we decide to take the plunge and take out the checkbook, we are overwhelmed with a dizzying array of scripts, E-Books, videos, audios about how to become proficient in our new business and make money. That’s all great and absolutely necessary but there comes a time for most of us that we begin to realize that what has worked so well for Peter or Susan or Charles is not working out for us. What should we do when that invariably happens?
  2. Dump the script, stop watching the videos and begin to experiment all by yourself; the worst case is that you’ll not make any money but so what, you’re not making any money now, right? Experiment enough and you just may stumble on a solution that works for you.
  3. One of the great illusions of network marketing lies in its notion of duplicability. The theory is sound but the practical application dictates that different personalities, natures and skill sets require that those determined to succeed must eventually venture out on their own.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try really different methods. In the over stimulated culture of the twenty-first century, sometimes the only way you can be heard is to be a little zany and bold, opening your pitch with something that sets you apart.
  5. If you’ve been working long hours for weeks at a time and really, truly have been intensely focused on your business, schedule some time very soon to stop. Take a vacation-if not a physical one then a mental one and decide to take three days off doing what you absolutely love to do. You may find that leaving everything alone for a while has exciting consequences.
  6. When you come back from your retreat, do an objective appraisal of your business: finances, customer list ( is it growing or dropping), and honestly decide if this business is worth the energy you are investing in it. Do you still love the writing, the web design and or the work with customers?
  7. If yes, decide how long you can afford to operate your business with the income you are making.
  8. If you’ve answered no, consider quitting this business and go search for another that will re-kindle your passion.